We protect you and your data.

The security, availability and integrity of your data is important to us. Trust US™ combines state-of-the art security technologies with industry-standard processes and techniques to create a secure computing environment.

Safe and secure

We’ve employed a certified SAS70 multi-layered security model, combining hardware and software encryption techniques, advanced firewalls and end-to-end 24/7 system monitoring to protect your sensitive data throughout the entire lifecycle. In addition, the security of our transmissions facility is audited annually by third-party security experts approved by the federal government.

Under your control

As a Trust US user, you have the flexibility and authority to decide which members of your organization have access to specific data. Data accessibility is totally within your control. Sophisticated system redundancies, in conjunction with backup and archival technologies, protect your data from risks such as power outages or system failure.

Trust US works the way you work...

You have unique needs, so we always treat you uniquely.

From the import of trust accounting data to the printed version of the client’s return, you have a wide variety of customizable options:

  • Select additional diagnostic checks based on the type and level of review required after data import.
  • Create your own specific list of program tasks to prepare data for import into the tax return.
  • Custom role-based security allows you to set program permissions and grant rights.
  • Designate whether you will e-file a federal or state return or set up electronic payments. These settings can be set at the Master Firm level or at the bank or account level.

To find out more, give us a call at: 1-888-242-1115 or e-mail us.