It starts with the transfer of the Data

Working with all of the leading trust accounting vendors, Trust US™ employs cutting-edge technology that easily imports account, beneficiary and transaction information directly from your trust accounting software. We offer customized bridges for each major trust accounting system or we can develop one from your in-house system to ensure timely and complete data transfers. Intuitive diagnostics quickly identify potential problems such as file validity and format issues. Report tools built into Trust US can also quickly identify any issues with account information or transactions to be addressed immediately.

Our sophisticated diagnostics process also verifies that the data is complete and fulfills all tax compliance requirements. You receive detailed and understandable reports when there are exceptions or problems in the data.

You create detailed and understandable reports

In order to efficiently and accurately update investment information, Trust US works with Wall Street Concepts Income Reallocation™ services. Full integration with this industry leader ensures that all investment data complies with tax reporting rules. During tax season, Trust US actively refreshes the database to provide you with the most current information available. As soon as asset data has been released, you can review, select and apply income reallocation amounts.

Unlike competitors, who require you to produce a return through a complex system of binders and registers, Trust US automates this process with powerful Account Management tools. You make your selections from simple entry screens enhanced with dropdown lists and check boxes to speed workflow. Utilizing flexible data review options, you can easily examine previously defined groups of accounts or an individual account. And if you find that a transaction type has been misclassified in the trust accounting system, you can apply global changes without re-importing the data. Changes seamlessly flow across all accounts, eliminating tedious and time-consuming manual edits.

Once you are satisfied with the trust accounting information, it’s easy to move the data into the tax compliance system. Once again, Trust US provides extensive choices to customize this process to your specific needs.

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"I just completed a review of a trust that had 31 beneficiaries in 10 different states, pretty much every class of income and deduction possible and it was perfect. The system filed a federal and resident MA return but the bene's were all around the country."